Q: What we do and why we do it?

The BFCSF is a seven-person Board of Directors comprised of Bellevue Fire Department employees. We are a separate entity from the BFD, and function as a 501(c)3 non-profit benevolent organization. Our funding comes solely from donations and fundraisers we host throughout the year.

Since 1999, the BFCSF has believed there is a positive impact to be made on the Bellevue Community outside of the realm of emergency response.

Because our firefighter ranks are full of folks who joined to make a difference, who joined to offer a sense of compassion to those in need; it seems only natural to use this ethos to serve on a grander scale.

Q: Who are you hoping to help?

Our Foundation beliefs and bylaws charge us with support of firefighters, their families, and members of the Bellevue community in need. We have a particular aim towards helping children and families.

For our community, we offer support following the damaging effects of a fire or emergency, we serve meals during the holidays, help to supply food to Bellevue students on the weekends away from school, celebrate our City's senior citizen volunteers, and a host of other programs.

For our employees, we offer help during challenging times, such as deaths in the family or other traumatic events. We also offer college scholarships, help organize fundraisers for sports teams, and celebrate the arrival of new BFD babies.